Season 2 – Episode 1 – A Christmas Carol

Ho ho ho!

Welcome to this bauble swinging Christmas Special.

In this episode Martin reads extracts from that Charles Dickens Christmas classic and plays you music from many of the TV and film adaptations that have graced and in some cases desecrated our screens for the last 180 years.

Although there weren’t many produced during the first few decades on account of the Victorians being too lazy to invent cinema earlier.

We hope you have a very merry Christmas and we’ll see you for a new series in the New Year.

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Series 1 – Episode 1 – The Music Hall

Let’s slide down the time pipe and head on over to the local music hall for some bawdy entertainment and naughty company.

Errors and omissions in this episode.

I forgot to mention that some of the recordings in this show date to before the First World War and that the reason so many music hall stars were recorded in the 1930S was because Music Hall enjoyed a brief revival.

The correct title of the comedy series I mentioned is Tales from the Mausoleum Club not Tales of the Mausoleum Club.


Music featured in this episode.

When I Take my Morning Promenade
Marie Lloyd

Take me Back to Dear Old Blighty
Florrie Forde

The End of My Old Cigar
Harry Champion

A Cover is Not the Book
Emily Blunt

If It Wasn’t for the Houses in Between
Gus Elen

My Grandfather’s Clock
George Formby Sr.

By the Seaside
Mark Sheridan

A Music Hall Trial Turn
Horace Kenney

The 39 Steps
City of Prague Philharmonic


Episode 0 – The Pilot Ate the Fish.

This episode is left here as an item of historical interest.

Many years ago when I developed a presentation style for radio it had to do two things: slow down my natural speech pattern and knock the edges off my Yorkshire accent. It took me years to get right, before I threw it out for a more rambly style when I started podcasting. Dusting it off again for this podcast I came to the sudden realisation that I now sound like Matthew Sweet and this entire episode sounds like a poor man’s Sound of Cinema. This is not Sound of Cinema.

Music featured in this episode.

The Avengers
by Alan Silvestri

Gentleman Jack
by O’Hooley & Tidow

The Imitation Game
by Alexander Desplat

Captain Marvel
by Pinar Toprak

Materia Primordis
by Mark Snow

American Beauty
by Thomas Newman

A Survivor is Born
by Jason Graves

Grim Fandango
by Video Games Live

Star Trek Picard Main Theme
by Jeff Russo

Enterprise Clears Moorings
by James Horner

I am the Doctor
by Murray Gold

Stargate: Atlantis Main Title
by Joel Goldsmith