This episode is left here as an item of historical interest.

Many years ago when I developed a presentation style for radio it had to do two things: slow down my natural speech pattern and knock the edges off my Yorkshire accent. It took me years to get right, before I threw it out for a more rambly style when I started podcasting. Dusting it off again for this podcast I came to the sudden realisation that I now sound like Matthew Sweet and this entire episode sounds like a poor man’s Sound of Cinema. This is not Sound of Cinema.

Music featured in this episode.

The Avengers
by Alan Silvestri

Gentleman Jack
by O’Hooley & Tidow

The Imitation Game
by Alexander Desplat

Captain Marvel
by Pinar Toprak

Materia Primordis
by Mark Snow

American Beauty
by Thomas Newman

A Survivor is Born
by Jason Graves

Grim Fandango
by Video Games Live

Star Trek Picard Main Theme
by Jeff Russo

Enterprise Clears Moorings
by James Horner

I am the Doctor
by Murray Gold

Stargate: Atlantis Main Title
by Joel Goldsmith

Episode 0 – The Pilot Ate the Fish.

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